7-Strong Loyalty Program

You know the name: 7-Strong Brand. But everyone always asks the story behind it or trying to figure out the people involved. Well, it began with 7, but since day one, you’ve all proven that this is exceeds numbers and it includes all of you. This has become a family who’s closet you’re always raiding for every occasion. And listen, we don’t mind it, in fact, we want to reward it.

So, let’s focus on the other part of our name: Strong. The brand you come to know, and love has only become stronger since the day you’ve entered our lives. With each design, you’ve hyped us, put our name out there, made what seemed like an impossible dream become an inevitable one. For that, and your increasing loyalty, we are inviting you to join our brand-new loyalty program!

As a member of this illustrious circle, you’ll have the ability to level up in tiers the more you level up your wardrobe. Here’s how it works!

When you purchase 15+ items* from 7-Strong directly, you’ve earned Bronze Status.  This earns you a Personalized Post Card, a level-exclusive Bronze 7Bolt sticker, and a 7-Strong Brand koozie!

30+ gets you^^ up to Silver Status, 50+ to Gold, and 100+ to Diamond – all of which come with their own exclusives and privileges, including tier-only stickers, early access to future releases, and personalizations**. 

And remember, points are awarded by e-mail! So, in order to accumulate all your proper credit, make sure you're using the SAME e-mail address with every order. 

It’s just one of the ways that we here at 7-Strong intend to not only bring you strength through style, but to strengthen the bond between us all. This is the very reason why we consider 7-Strong “every day for everyone,” because we know from experience what everyone is looking for: loyalty. We’ve got your back, especially as you put our shirts on yours. Stay strong and can’t wait to see you rise through the ranks of the 7-Strong Loyalty Program^!

*Others often omit promotional, discounted, or sales items from their loyalty programs - but we operate a little different. Therefore, any items purchased at promotional, discounted, or sales price will be credited as a half point accumulation towards the loyalty program. (i.e.: every two items purchased at sales price will count as 1 item in your loyalty total.)  
**Please note, in our ever-evolving commitment to our brand and our customers, these aspects might be revised from time-to-time – all while keeping the best interests and communication of our 7-Strong family in mind.
^Terms and conditions of the program are subject to change 

^^ Retail partner and custom orders are not subject to inclusion as items in the loyalty program. 
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