7-Strong Brand finds inspiration in the everyday and in everyone for our portfolio of designs. However, sometimes - it's our very community who get inspired to create for us. In those instances, we welcome highly creative and talented individuals into our stable of artists to create the looks you know and love. Meet the hands behind the creations below! 


Tyler is the founder and owner of @Tylerpatedesignco. He is a full-time freelance graphic designer and illustrator from Lake City, SC, now living in Los Angeles, CA. His work showcases fun and creative solutions that span various projects, from branding, illustration, packaging, web/print design, and content creation

His Contribution:
Fright Night: After seeing Tyler's work we knew that some of his designs were destined to be a part of everyday style. While deciding which would be the first was tough, we were drawn to his #Halloween designs when we saw what he created while on his mission to draw a different Halloween design for 31 days straight.


Nick Camia is a professional illustrator known online and in the wrestling business by his handle, Extra Cooler Illustrations. By day he's an elementary art school teacher who goes by the "in-ring" name of Mr. Camia. Nick earned a Master's Degree in Art Education from Manhattanville College after studying Studio Art at SUNY Oneonta. He resides in Orange County, New York with his wife and two sons.

His Contribution:
TLC OMG: Nick's work has shown up in all sorts of sports, entertainment, sports-entertainment, and wrestling endeavors. So, when we here at 7-Strong wanted to step into the ring ourselves, we knew just who to tag in as our partner. Hand drawing various elements known to wrestling fans around the world, Nick brought out the fun of our fandom, while also making us an unconditional fan of his work!


Chad Engle is the man behind @ChadEngleArt and a freelance graphic designer and illustrator from Lebanon, Indiana - born and raised. His work showcases fun and spans various projects, but specifically since August of 2015, Chad has been drawing live caricatures at weddings, post prom, corporate events, or wherever fun people gather with CartoonUps along with digital caricatures! Not to mention, Chad was a wrestler at Landmark Wrestling Federation (to which he pages homage to in his first shirt) for 15 years! He’s also done modeling work and illustrated for children’s books.

His Contribution:
Chad has been a long standing member of the 7-STRONG community, most notably through his drawings of our customers in their favorite designs. So, it was an easy decision to team up with Chad and tag him in for "Cinco De Mayhem," a shirt that captures Chad's love of wrestling, his unique drawing style, and of course, 7-Strong! As a life long wrestling fan, once Chad discovered lucha I was hooked, making this design near and dear. Chad lived out my dream thanks to Viper (featured is one the shirt) and those involved in Landmark Wrestling Federation. For 15 years Chad put the boots on and walked that aisle, proving that the bumps, bruises, and a sore muscles were all worth it. 

Capturing the lure of Lucha Libre, Chad created a roster of vibrant characters that take center ring are front in center on fight-inspired posters! After seeing what he did with this, we can't wait to get back into the ring with him for future designs!

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