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When we started the 7-Strong journey we came with a shared passion, enthusiasm, and determination to make our vision a reality. We came with a ton of ideas… ideas about products, styles, designs, customer programs, and the list goes on and on. We knew early on that this group was meant to go on this journey together despite us (all) hailing from different walks of life, cultures, and experiences one idea was brought up by every partner. You see, we know that individually, we and everyone reading this can make a difference, but collectively we can make an impact.

This idea would be one which would address our desire to give back… give back to the communities, organizations, charities and (most of all) people who shaped and inspire not only us, but you as well. The idea became one our founding principles and that idea is the “Causes Collection”; a line which would allow us to make an impact and do our part to make tomorrow better than it may have otherwise been.

Making its debut in early 2021, the 7-Strong Causes Collection will present a new addition at select times through the year. Each release will be designed specifically to bring awareness to a charity or cause important to us all and will also allow us to provide these charities and causes with the assistance and support they need.

Admittingly, we know that every design might not speak to you, but we hope that whether the design, cause, or charity is near and dear to your heart or not, that it still moves you to help the chosen cause or charity.

The Causes Collection is about our community, it is about that desire to give back and it is about making an impact. As such, proceeds from all Cause Collection sales will be donated to the chosen cause or charity. To ensure that your contributions are at work, we will, well... we will just simply show you:

· We’ll show you details on the number of pieces sold

· We’ll show you that the donations are, in fact, being made, because no matter the amount, we believe that every dollar counts and has an opportunity to make an impact

· We’ll show you that we say what we mean and mean what we say

At the end of the day, it doesn’t take a lot to make a difference. So be it one of our Causes Collection items, a donation, your time, or volunteering, it takes one moment, one instance, one idea to make your community and life in general… STRONG.

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