There’s a lot of meaning in that one number – just look at it! It’s sleek, it’s powerful, it’s versatile. It’s a number that represents so much: luck, wonders of the world, the days of the week...

So, when 7 friends, spread out around the country, decided to take a chance on a clothing brand – to focus their energy on the creative and fun, bold yet subtle, on strong designs on even stronger material – we embraced the power of 7 as our greatest strength.

That’s why we are 7-Strong Brand.

We are a brand developing clothing that is sleek in its look, powerful in the attention it commands, and a versatile part of your everyday look – all 7 of them. Morning, afternoon, or evening – at work or at the bar – on your Insta or in a chug chain, we want to overwhelm your world by overpowering every day.

And while these are the threads that brought this group together, here’s what keeps us together: Sewn in the very fabric of our brand, as much as our dedication to our quality, is our dedication to you.

Through 7-Strong, we want to channel the strength of our brand into making an impact in our communities. We will team up with charitable organizations we all care about with apparel that reflect those very values and launch a brand that speaks to everyone. Strength through style is something everyone can enjoy regardless of your race, gender, political views, religion, or preferences.
And with 7 diverse personalities, 7 backgrounds, 7 different experiences and perspectives – you’ll have no problem finding yourself in what we create, what we deliver, and what we do. 

So, 7 – it’s a number that means a lot to us, it’ll be a number that will be a part of you – and it’ll be the number that’s number one in your closet – making you feel and look your strongest – everyday.
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